Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3 Generations of Love

Kristina, Mom, and me. Three generations of women; two from the womb and the other from the heart. By birth or adoption, we three share a heritage of love, laughter, and faith. Grandma imparted these things to Mom, who gave them to me, and I've tried like everything to give them to Kristy. The fun thing? She has all three, spilling over.

Was I standing on something or was the yard slanting? Jeepers, I look like Hagrid's sister. There's no way I'm a head taller than both Kristy and Mom! Am I?? Never mind. Mom and Kristy look wonderful!

(See Harry Potter for the Hagrid reference, you none-HP fans.)

Thanks, once again, to Sue Shetler for a photo we'll cherish.