Saturday, September 25, 2010


WinePress Publishing made me an offer to publish my latest book project that I couldn't turn down. My friend Athena Dean of WP tells me that self-publishing is an excellent way to get a "standard publisher" to take an interest. Whatever. I just know that I've waited long enough to get this story out. My lit agent, Les Stobbe, is pleased to hear it. "Good for you!" he said in an email. "Give the promotion all the gusto you've got."

I plan to, God helping. I'll take the message to youth groups, Sunday Schools, Christian schools, and homeschoolers. Title: "Children of Angels". Logline (writer-speak for one-sentence-summary): A young teen, shocked to learn he's a human/angel hybrid, must battle human and spirit enemies out to destroy his kind for proving that God is real."

Sound like fun? I hope so! "Children of Angels," Book One of the New Nephilim series, for tweens, teens, and fantasy buffs, debuts SPRING 2011.

May the Lord make it fly.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I can hardly believe it. Producer/screenwriter/good friend Mark Cramer has named me a producer on his family fantasy "Beyond Belief." The film production company, Marker Entertainment, with Mark's hard work, has garnered 6 million dollars worth of special effects from companies like Oscar-winning Almagamated Studios ("Aliens," "Jumanji," "Starship Troopers"....)

Multi-talented comic strip artist and development executive Damian Fulton will direct the film. He's directed 100 + ads for Disney, Pepsi, Mattel, and other huge clients.

I'm jazzed and spazzed.

My job: fund-raiser. I've approached producers and other production companies, seeking investors. I'll represent the project as an Exhibitor at film festivals. I have a knack for pitching, ya see. That is, I can talk up a project and get most--I say, most--people interested in it. We have a mere 1.25 million dollars left to raise in order to start filming. Got any loose change you'd like to toss in, anyone?

With the Lord's help, I can do this! May "Beyond Belief" come to a theatre near you.