Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dad's in Command

To my very pleased surprise, Children of Angels won Honorable Mention, Spiritual category, at the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival.  I thanked God and the judges and made a rushed trip to Los Angeles for the awards ceremony on Saturday night, July 20th, in the art deco elegance of the Roosevelt Hotel.

I drove a rental car in downtown Hollywood on a Saturday night through the craziest traffic in the U.S.  At the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine, one block from the Roosevelt, the "walk" light came on as I sat at the red.  Tickle Me Elmo and Zorro crossed the street in front of me amidst a throng of tourists in the crosswalk.  Dozens of costumed re-enactors earn tips giving photo opps in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre.  On any day or night, you'll see Superman, Snow White, Darth Vader, Cinderella, Marilyn Monroe, Spiderman hanging off light posts...!  Only in Hollywood!

Understand: I was raised in Small Town Minnesota.  Now I live near the Twin Cities.  I said near, not in.  I'm not used to Los Angeles freeways and famous streets, so-o-o frightening for their speed, aggressive drivers, and crowding.  But I was fine all the way there and back home.  

See, I felt the way I did when I was little.  My family vacationed in wilderness.  If we were on huge Lake of the Woods and a storm came up, I never worried about getting back to our resort.  Dad was driving the boat.  If we were hiking in vast Beltrami State Forest, I never worried about getting lost.  Dad was leading us.  My father had worked and played in the northern Minnesota wilds all his life and was well experienced at handling anything a lake or a woods could throw at him.

So, all by myself  human-wise, I wove my way through Hollywood knowing that I'd find the Roosevelt, wind up the evening safely at my friends' house in the South Bay, and make my flight home on time.  I was on my toes, hyper-alert, but I wasn't scared and I was never alone.  What's more, I had fun.  God the Father was with me and warmly letting me know it by His Holy Spirit.  Jesus the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace kept me calm and safe.

My heavenly Dad was in command.

Romans 8: 14 - 16; Isaiah 9:6

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